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Fibrix: Pet Nonwoven.

Fibrix has proudly provided precision nonwoven components since 1972. We utilize our decades of experience and the latest technology and processes to create a range of durable pet nonwoven products, including stuffing for pet beds. Our customers trust us for quality, affordable solutions to their nonwoven batting needs.

Pet Bed Components

Fibrix works closely with our customers to develop custom pet bed components for pets of all ages and sizes. We have extensive experience in producing quality sleeping cores using a variety of bonding methods and staple fibers. 

Fiberfill and Batting

Here at Fibrix, we strive to provide our customers with complete solutions to their pet bed stuffing needs, including fiberfill and bonded batting used to create soft, warm, and durable bedding components. Our high-quality polyester fibers are mold-resistant and hydrophobic, making them ideal solutions for pet nonwoven products.

Special Applications

Pet bed components are subjected to some pretty intense use and must be able to hold up to abuse. Our extensive nonwoven capabilities include several special applications that can improve the strength and durability of components used in pet beds, including:

Leg and Tail Wraps

When the unthinkable happens, and beloved pets get injured, it’s vital to ensure the wound is properly covered. As the proud producer of renowned BB Satin Star Equine Leg Wraps, Fibrix has the capability and experience to produce quality, high-absorbency wound care wraps for pets of all varieties. With advanced pattern-cutting technology, we’re able to develop custom nonwovens tailored to our clients’ exact specifications.

Customized Solutions for Pet Nonwoven Products

Here at Fibrix, we continually strive to exceed expectations through high-quality precision nonwoven products and proudly maintain several manufacturing facilities with comprehensive capabilities to produce customized solutions. 

We work closely with each client to develop cost-effective processes that meet their specific needs. Our pet nonwoven services include custom web formation and fiber blending, a complete range of bonding options and special additives, and full-service nonwoven fabrication and pattern cutting.

For more information regarding our pet nonwoven capabilities or to request a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact Fibrix today.