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Fibrix: Medical Mattress.

Here at Fibrix, we understand the special considerations that go into crafting a durable, hygienic medical mattress and have processes in place to ensure long-lasting quality. With more than 50 years of crafting precision nonwovens from high-quality fibers, we have developed extensive experience in the needs of the medical industry and take a collaborative approach to creating the medical mattress that meets our clients’ requirements and specifications.

Medical Mattress and Bedding Components

Our comprehensive nonwoven manufacturing capabilities, combined with our extensive experience, allow us to produce high-quality mattress components trusted by medical professionals everywhere. We proudly maintain state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across 3 states with capabilities to deliver superior nonwoven components, including but not limited to:

Mattress Cores

From standard cores for hospital beds to high-density fiber cores for bariatric use, Fibrix can meet any specifications using custom fiber blends and bonding techniques.

Surgical Table Cores

Our surgical table cores are durable enough for extensive use and sanitation processes while providing optimal patient comfort through weight redistribution and support.

Pads for Stretchers and Gurneys

Our custom-manufactured pads for stretchers and gurneys are lightweight yet resilient and are designed to provide optimal support and long-lasting reliability.


Quality staple fibers come together using cutting-edge blowing and filling methods to create custom solutions for medical use that are resilient enough for repeat washing and cost-efficient enough for disposable applications.

Custom Solutions for Medical Nonwovens

We proudly offer our medical industry customers custom solutions and comprehensive services, including:

  • Custom Web Formation 
  • Extensive Bonding Methods
  • High-absorbency and Fast-Dry Fiber Blends
  • Fabrication and Pattern Cutting
  • Antimicrobial Additives

Our team of highly trained experts works closely with each client to develop a complete understanding of their requirements and develop cost-effective solutions that meet specifications and deliver exceptional results.

Trusted Across the Medical Industry

Our medical mattress cores and nonwoven products are trusted for their high-quality construction, long-lasting durability, and supportive comfort throughout the medical industry, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Doctors Offices
  • EMT Services

For more information about our custom medical mattress components, please don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated team at Fibrix today!