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Fibrix: Automotive.

Ride in style and comfort with precision-crafted nonwovens for the automotive industry. Using over 50 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, Fibrix has built a reputation for quality products and outstanding service. Our highly skilled and dedicated teams across all of our manufacturing facilities constantly strive for excellence by working closely with our customers to develop cost-effective solutions that meet their automotive nonwoven requirements.

Precision-Crafted Nonwoven Components for the Automotive Industry

Our automotive nonwoven products are tailored to our customers’ unique requirements, with capabilities in custom web formation, fiber blends, and comprehensive fabrication services. We proudly offer our customers multiple bonding methods, including but not limited to:

  • Thermal Bonding
  • Resin Bonding
  • Needle-Punch


From commuter cars to classic cruisers, commercial vehicles, and long-haul rigs, drivers all require their seats to provide lasting comfort and support throughout hours of prolonged use. Using a collaborative approach, we work with each client to develop customized automotive replacement cushions. Our precision-crafted nonwovens are manufactured with quality staple fibers custom blended to meet our customers’ specifications.

Acoustical Pads

Sound-dampening acoustical pads for automotive applications place a barrier between irritating road noise and drivers who can spend hours every day stuck in traffic. These specially designed pads provide drivers with several value-added benefits, such as:

  • Reduced background noise for more convenient hands-free calling.
  • Improved sound quality.
  • Increased insulation for more stable interior temperatures.


Crafted from lightweight polyester fibers, our custom-manufactured automotive headliners are produced using the latest technology and bonding methods. Not only are they durable enough to stay in place after years of defying gravity, but they also help insulate the vehicle while providing additional sound-dampening properties.

Travel Pillows and Automotive Accessories

The nonwoven manufacturing services here at Fibrix extend beyond structural nonwovens used in automotive manufacturing. Our extensive capabilities include additional soft goods used by drivers and travelers alike, including: 

  • Foam cores for travel cushions
  • Fiberfill and foam inserts for pillows

We are proud to be a trusted supplier of high-quality cushions, acoustical pads, headliners and accessories.

To learn more about our automotive nonwoven capabilities, or to request a quote for custom services, please contact Fibrix today!