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Fibrix: Capabilities.

For more than 50 years, Fibrix has dedicated itself to providing innovative solutions to nonwoven products. We develop long-term relationships with our customers by developing cost-efficient solutions to their nonwoven requirements that don’t compromise on quality. Today, we proudly maintain several manufacturing facilities with extensive capabilities in precision-crafted nonwoven components used across industries.

Precision-Crafted Custom Nonwoven Capabilities

Our custom nonwovens start with developing a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements and then designing the most cost-effective solution using our extensive capabilities, high-quality polyester staple fibers, the latest advancements, and years of experience to ensure absolute satisfaction.

Web Formation

We use our extensive experience in fiber web formation to produce precision-crafted nonwovens custom-tailored to each client’s unique needs and requirements. Our web formation capabilities include both garnett and carding machines for unbonded soft goods and bonded nonwovens.

Fiber Blends

We work closely with our customers to develop a comprehensive understanding of their nonwoven requirements. We use our extensive experience and manufacturing capabilities to create high-quality custom polyester fiber blends to their specifications.


Bonding takes fiber webs and transforms them into nonwoven products with higher durability, strength, and uniformity. We use leading thermal, resin, needle punch, and stitch bonding technology and processes to create high-quality nonwoven components.


From in-line slitting to off-line pattern cutting, our custom nonwoven fabrication provides our customers with comprehensive manufacturing services, reducing the need for additional converting services while ensuring each nonwoven is crafted with precision.

Special Applications

Our extensive capabilities include a range of special applications customized to meet our client’s needs, such as lamination, calendaring, and special additives used across a range of markets. Our team of experts use the latest processes to quickly produce exceptional quality components that exceed expectations.

Dedicated to Excellence

As a leading provider of quality nonwoven components, Fibrix is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We are growing rapidly and have additional capacity to meet all production requirements, with multiple manufacturing facilities and in-house delivery capabilities across the United States.

For more information or to get your custom nonwoven project started, please contact Fibrix today!