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Mountain Mist: A Crafting Tradition Since 1846.

Mountain Mist was founded as a way to provide superior fiberfill products. Their unwavering dedication to quality and continual improvement has earned them generational customer loyalty. For over 170 years, quilters and crafters of all kinds have trusted their lovingly created quilts, toys, pillows, and more to Mountain Mist’s durable, versatile crafting products. 

Mountain Mist Batting

There’s something special about a handmade quilt. The hours invested in stitching each carefully cut fabric shape into intricate patterns tell a story of love’s warmth and cozy traditions. Manufactured with the quilter in mind, Mountain Mist batting is available in a range of lofts and fiber blends to suit all quilting needs.

100% Polyester Batting

When the cold seeps in and the nights grow longer, reach for a quilt filled with Mountain Mist’s machine-washable, lightweight, and durable 100% polyester batting.

80/20 Cotton-Polyester Blend

Perfect for sewing machines and hand stitching alike, Mountain Mist Cotton-Polyester Blend Batting is the quilters go-to for lasting quality.

Cotton Batting

Quilters of all ages turn to Mountain Mist’s cotton batting options for its plush feel and needle-glide finish that helps reduce hand fatigue and machine snags.

Roll Batting

When crafters need more wiggle-room than pre-cut batting can provide, they turn to Mountain Mist’s high-quality roll batting options, perfect for oversized and irregular projects, as well as the ‘more projects than they’ll ever finish’ quilters.

Wool Pressing Mats

Mountain Mist’s pressing mats, made from 100% wool fibers, wick heat away from quilting fabric to create crisp lines that allow for a smoother machine and hand-quilting experience.

Mountain Mist Foam

Crafters from all walks of life know they can trust Mountain Mist’s foam for comfort and durability. Available in both conventional and Hi-Density options, Mountain Mist foam is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Pillow Forms from Mountain Mist

When crafters need pillow inserts with long-lasting loft that won’t lose shape, they turn to Mountain Mist’s high-quality polyester pillow forms. Available in various sizes, these pillow forms are designed to accentuate ready-made and hand-crafted covers.

Mountain Mist Fiberfill

Crafters devote hours to tediously stitching love and care into their projects, so the last thing they want to worry about is the stuffing failing to do its job. The driving force of Mountain MIst’s long history of success began with the desire to provide crafters with superior fiberfill products. 

Whether filling out a child’s new stuffy-toy with super plush fluff or providing a brilliant stage for intricately embroidered pillows, crafters trust Mountain Mist fiberfill. 

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