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Fibrix: Custom Nonwoven Products.

American-Made Quality – Trusted by Manufacturers Nationwide

Precision-Crafted in the USA

Fibrix uses the latest technology to expertly blend and bond our fibers to ensure the highest quality at competitive prices. With six facilities across three states – North Carolina, Mississippi and New York – each precision-crafted nonwoven product from Fibrix is proudly made in the USA.

Quality You Can Stake Your Name On

Quality is ingrained into every aspect of Fibrix’s culture, from the materials we use to our Continuous Improvement philosophy. Manufacturers and wholesalers nationwide turn to Fibrix for their custom nonwoven products, knowing they can trust their reputations to Fibrix’s commitment to excellence.

Custom Nonwoven Products From Fibrix

We have over 75 customizable nonwoven products – from pillows to automotive headliners – and we work closely with each client to tailor their custom products to meet their exact needs and Brand image, including weight, loft, sizes, packaging, and special requests.

Consumer Products

We take extra care to ensure that each nonwoven product meets consumer safety standards without compromising on comfort or durability. Our comprehensive consumer products ready for branded customization include, but are not limited to:

  • Cushions
  • Pads
  • Pillows
  • Quilt Batting
  • Pet Bed Components
  • Equine Wraps
  • Furniture and Bedding Components

Commercial Products

From infant mattress cores to aviation-compliant replacement cushions, Fibrix has the capabilities to meet the custom nonwoven product needs across all industries, including but not limited to:

  • Medical Mattress Cores and Pillows
  • Institutional Bedding Components
  • Furniture Components 
  • Aviation Seating Cores
  • Acoustical Padding
  • Automotive Headliners

Quality Fiber Blends

All of our custom nonwoven products are precision crafted with high-quality fiber blends including:

  • Virgin & Recycled Polyester
  • Virgin & Recycled Polyester Conjugate
  • Virgin Bicomponent, Low Melt
  • FR Rayon

Value-Added Services

Here at Fibrix, we do more than manufacture high-quality nonwovens. We work with our customers to ensure absolute satisfaction. To provide the best customer service possible, we proudly offer our customers value-added services, such as fabrication and logistical support.

Please contact Fibrix to learn more about our custom nonwoven products and request a quote today.