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BB Satin Star.

The Industry Standard Leg Wrap Sheets.

BB Satin Star – Precision-Crafted for Equine Comfort

Crafted from high-quality fiber blends, BB Satin Star leg wraps are designed with horses in mind. The uniform thickness and seamless design supports and protects without rubbing while retaining heat and absorbing moisture.

BB Satin Star

Standing Wraps

BB Satin Star leg wrap’s highly absorbent fibers are designed to hold in heat, making them the go-to therapeutic wrap for sweating legs after training and providing protection for stable-restless horses.

Jumping Wraps

These beautiful animals are capable of some amazing feats; however, high-impact exercise and vigorous training can stress a horse’s ligaments and tendons. BB Satin Star’s uniform thickness, seamless design, comfortably supports and protects these delicate structures without chafing.

Shipping Wraps

Transporting horses is an endeavor all its own, one that can cause a great deal of stress for the horses and equestrians alike. BB Satin Star leg wraps are constructed of quality fiber blends that cushion and protect legs during transport.

Stable Bandages

BB Satin Star leg wraps also provide secure and comfortable wound coverage to keep cuts and scrapes clean while they heal. The poly/cotton blend wicks moisture away and seamless design prevents chafing.

Trusted for Generations

Anyone with a love of horses understands how important it is to properly care for their powerful yet fragile legs, and generations of horsemen have turned to BB Satin Star for high-quality leg wraps. For decades, equestrians have trusted BB Satin Star’s leg wraps for:

  • Reducing post-exercise stock-up and swelling
  • Supporting ligaments and tendons during training
  • Protection against bruises and abrasions
  • Keeping wounds clean and dry

Setting the Standards for Quality in Equine Leg Wraps

For over 50 years, BB Satin Star has been the first choice amongst horse enthusiasts and professional equestrians alike due to its quality, performance, and affordability. BB Satin Star is THE industry standard for quality leg wraps, providing:

  • Uniform Thickness
  • Seamless Design
  • High Absorbency 
  • Heat Retention
  • Protection and Support

BB Satin Star is available everywhere equine healthcare supplies are sold.

For more information about BB Satin Star or to inquire about retailer opportunities, please contact Fibrix today!