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Fibrix: Safety.

Ensuring the safety of every person who sets foot in our facilities is the highest priority, period.

The Fibrix Safety Mindset

Our employees know that safety is more than another corporate policy to sign off on, and they embody this each and every day.

Embracing Responsibility

Here at Fibrix, our employees know that ensuring safe working conditions falls on every individual, and they take personal responsibility by adopting a safety mindset that includes prevention, reporting, and improvement.


From wearing all OSHA-required personal protective equipment from the start of shift to the end of the day, in strict adherence to our 5S maintenance programs, each member of our team takes great steps to prevent any safety issues. They understand that if, for any reason, they cannot operate safely, it’s a hard-stop until the issue is corrected.


At Fibrix, profit is never placed above our people and they know this. We have developed a culture where our employees are empowered to report any unsafe conditions without fear of retribution because safety is such a vital part of everything we do here at Fibrix. Our workforce trusts us to provide safe working conditions, and we trust our workforce to alert us when anything is not up to safe standards.

Continual Improvement

Continual improvement is echoed across our website for a very good reason. It’s the main force behind our history of success and extends into every aspect of our operations, including safety. Just as our employees are empowered to report concerns, we also provide them with access to ongoing training and encourage them to seek greater improvements to achieve these goals.

The 5S Culture

Fibrix owes much of our success to implementing the popular 5S culture into every aspect of our business, particularly in enhancing the safety of our employees and guests.

The 5S concept is relativity simple:

  • Sort: Remove the unnecessary. 
  • Set in Order: Organize what’s left.
  • Shine: Clean the space.
  • Standardize: Build a routine.
  • Sustain: Keep the routine, always. 

In short, 5S and the Fibrix Safety Mindset, is all about maintaining a clean and organized workspace free from clutter and distractions that can impede safety and productivity. 

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